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Monday, August 27, 2012

sleep monsters (25 weeks)

I'm starting to get past the I'm-feeling-wonderful-and-cute phase and into the My-back-hurts-and-I'm-not-feeling-so-"hot"-anymore phase. I'm still giddy though, just giddy with a cowboy's swagger and a geriatric's limp. And Acorn's amply kicking away every day like she's got my long ham hocks and she's practicing hurdles, God love her! So that keeps me happy and sane.

Yes, the golden glow of pregancy is turning into a ruddy afterthought. I have been having aching pains in my upper middle back the last few weeks and pretty much can't sit anywhere in a chair without assuming a board-straight position. My hip joints are also starting to ache from the pressure of laying on my sides all night.

Ryan wants me to get one of those crazy pregnancy pillows, but I can't believe these things! The U-shape, the C-shape, the J-shape? Boppies and Snoogles and Full-bodies, oh my...God! Very overwhelming and not a bit too creepy, like you're embracing and sometimes even wrestling with a suffocating giant worm while you sleep. I was hoping to get by with the pillows we have, but I may have to suck it up and purchase one of these sleep monsters after all.

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And ugh, I'm starting to snore. Heavily. So much that I am keeping Ryan hovering just outside of his REM cycles and walking like a zombie. I have to figure out something, anything -- maybe breathe strips? -- because Ryan can't sleep on the couch for the next three months, poor guy! What I can't believe is that I've turned so quickly -- literally overnight -- into a snoring, hobbling beast of a pregnant lady! A true sleep monster. Roar.

Of course, don't get me wrong. I am still in heaven even with these minor annoyances. But heaven on earth, mind you, still has to be based on reality.  It's comes with all those precious aches and pains and stuffy noses that even the most glorious of pregnancies experience. It's the awareness of your body that keeps you in check, that it's no where close to being perfect, which keeps you humble. I was definitely due for a reality check after blythely living in a pain-free, warm little bubble of happiness these last few months. You can't have the good without the bad for too long. Balance must occur. So even my joy, I realize, must now be seasoned with sweet pain. 

So bring on the backaches! Dole out the joint pain. Let me gulp down those hip spasms like they're a handful of horse pills. I gratefully swallow any jagged pill so that Acorn can keep her charge, her duty. To live.

Week 25
Probably not a good idea to take these photos after stuffing myself at dinner, huh?

Thursday, August 23, 2012

woodland whimsy (24 weeks)

In my haste to post our Spain photos, I forgot to provide an update on my belly expansion project! I'll get to it, but was thinking how quickly all of this has been racing by. I was talking to my mother about the plans for the next couple of months and realized that not only is the "Shocked" phase of this pregnancy definitely over, long over actually, but now even my beloved "Wallowing-lazily-in-delirious-happiness-like-a-pig-in-mud" phase is sadly coming to an end too. Tearful oink. It probably needs to end after our lovely month of vacations. BUT I still have one more--Rockport over Labor Day weekend--and I'm holding onto it for dear life! But, yes, I concede. The party is about to be over.

Yes, now were on to the "Productive" phase of this pregnancy, where organizing the nursery, registering for baby loot, enjoying fun showers, attending classes, and Lord help me, exercising are the key players. Don't get me wrong. I am very excited about this phase of planning. But just when I was getting used to lying on the couch next to my new best friend, Le Pie, I'm gonna have to get off my ever-jealous backside (it's jealous of my belly and tries to keep up) and become a little more proactive!

So that brings me to the productive topic of today's discussion: nurseries. I have been thinking about nurseries for oh, about 6 years or so. And I fell hard for a woodland-themed nursery after I came across this amazing post by the unbelievably talented textiles artist, Jen Talbot. Her little wool animals, apples, and bird houses are so adorable I immediately fell in love.

Some of my other favorites over the years have been Ms. Talbot's custom-made aquarium and interactive globe wall hangings for lucky nurseries.Unbelievable!

So when it seemed like Acorn was going to take root, I dared allow myself to peruse the web for such inspirations again. Once I realized Ms. Talbot had one of her bird cages for sale on Etsy, I was ecstatic to tell Ryan to get it as my birthday present. So excited to put it up in Acorn's room!

I also came across On To Baby's feature of a Gray and Yellow Woodland Themed Nursery and it's exactly the look I had envisioned--simple and rustic, lacking the typical "baby" pinks or blues, just fun, stimulating colors set against neutral grays and whites and splashed with woodland whimsy. Here are a couple of shots from the posting.

So I'm thinking of pale gray for the walls with hand-painted white bare trees (offered by my talented artist aunt--Thanks, Gail!) and pops of bright woodland birds and other wildlife in colors of ochre, turquoise, and tangerine. Ryan and I bought four small colorful paintings of birds in Carmel and I can't wait to hang them. I also plan to throw in several rustic bird houses that my mother gave me and make a DIY bird mobile used from a Spool pattern like the one below. 

My mother-in-law has offered to make the vibrant crib bedding from scratch, which has been such a blessing since similar looks from Etsy can get pretty expensive. Thanks, Linda! I also really wanted to use my old crib for the vintage look and the nostalgic appeal, but due to the recalls, I can't chance it and I'll have to settle for a similar-looking new Jenny Lind that has a retro feel, if there is such a thing.

And we'll somehow have to fit it all into our guest bedroom (with a queen-sized bed), since our little 2 bedroom/1 bath house can't go without a guest bed! But I think it will work. With homemade, rustic touches mixed with existing antiques and a few pops of bling from a chandelier or mirror, I think this nursery will be a fun place to live and learn for little Acorn! I mean, the below room is fabulous and it still works as a dually functional space (note the vintage-looking crib I'm craving)!

This room also works really well as a guest bedroom and nursery--it's just all in the planning.

So there you have it. My plans for the nursery have officially begun. Yay to planning and hard work and even dare I say it...exercise! Nay to couch-potato-ness and naps with pie. Well, maybe one more week can't hurt...

Week 24
Backside Jealousy

Week 23
Spanish Bump Day

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

the spanish experience (24 weeks)

Our trip to Spain was absolutely incredible! I don't even know where to begin really. Let's see, to sum up we saw an abundance of amazing history and art, we relaxed, got massages, ate good food, swam in the Mediterranean Sea, explored tiny villages, shopped, saw a flamenco show, had a 5 course tasting meal, toured Barcelona on a moterbike/sidecar, played golf, and ate good food (it's mentioned twice because we center our vacations around food!), plus countless other small details. But most of all, we simply spent time together. It was such a renewing experience for both Ryan and I. We needed to get away from our jobs and our everyday lives that can seem redundant, fixed even, where we spend time together but it's not always quality time. We needed it to be just the two of us, to relax together, to navigate our way through beautiful Spanish-speaking towns, to crack up at each other and hold on to one another. No distractions and nothing better to do than to just be in the valuable presence of each other's company. So without further adieu, here are our lovely and unforgettable Spanish memories!
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