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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

acorn's austin shower (34 weeks)

The Austin baby shower was lovely and everything I would ever want in a celebration of little acorn's arrival! Everything was spot on: the incredible foodie's dream menu, delicious mimosa punch, tons of wine for the gals, Etsy decorations from my salivation wish-list, gorgeous and tasty lemon-raspberry cake, the beautiful keepsake sign-in board, and the hilarious and quite creative onesie activity. I couldn't have dreamed of a better time. Thank you so much to the hostesses and guests for making this time in my life so special!

Not only was this dessert perfection, but the lemon cake and raspberry filling combination was absolutely delicious! Thanks, Michelle!

Foodies Laura and Lisa created the unbelievable menu: Gruyere and ham muffins; black rice with grapefruit, macadamia nuts, grapes, herbs and a honey vinaigrette; arugula & beet salad; mushroom-pesto tartines; and, an amazing cheese platter! I think they want to start their own catering company called Where's the Ham? Catering...because, you know, who doesn't love ham in everything? Damn! Damn! DAYUM!

Cutie Lisa and the champagne/Grand Marnier mimosas (I heard they were fabulous!)

Personalized Keepsake Sign-in Board. The ladies made a leaf from their thumbprint and signed it! Genius! Thanks, Cara!

Decorations from my Etsy wishlist. It's so funny. I kept saying how I loved all these decorations, how they were spot on and somehow exactly what I would have wanted--how did they do it? Kelly finally disclosed that I was too easy, that she used my blogged wishlist and it finally dawned on me. Oh. Damn this pregnancy brain! It didn't even register!

Gorgies, Abby and Laura

Beauties, Kendall and Clover

Lovelies, Clover, Erika, and Abby with me and my second plate

After enjoying all the food, we started the iron-on onesie project--thank you, Kristin! I had no idea how much fun it would be to iron on these onesies, but everyone got completely into it (I think the mass amounts of wine helped) and it was so much better than a bunch of weird pregnancy games (i.e., licking melted snickers out of diapers? what.). Plus, we got so many lovely and thoughtful and hilarious and wildly unexpected keepsake clothes for Acorn!

Hotties, Angela and Cara

Babes, Cara, Mercedes, and Danielle

Gorgies, Kelly and Lisa

Beauties, Lisa, Danielle, and Beth

Serious concentration...

Besties, Beth and I

Aaaand the results!

Frah-geel-lay (I think it's Italian) and Erika's masterpiece with the cutie bootie deco on the back!

Clover's "I like it loud" and a killer tree house!

Très chic birds by Melanie and monogrammed owl by Kendall.  I love the initials & year! Plus, the "Feed Me" onesie that already comes with a simulated food stain! So special.

You can't beat a shocked gazelle with a stick, can you?

Beth kept saying she was drawn to transportation... 

Lovely bird-inspired onesie and Beth's other transportation-inspired masterpiece, a farting skate?

Laura's woodland "scene" she intensely focused on to get just. the. right. placement. And her uh, little mushroom-headed friend that she insisted was "all that was needed." It's self-explanatory, of course...
Blue-and-yellow polkadot bow ties are completely gender-neutral, right?

The Pièce de résistance: Kelly's masterpiece..."Ass, Grass, or Cash" on the front (she ironed-on random tightie-whities, a lawn, and a wad of bills...what) with "No One Rides for Free" on the back. I obviously thought this was hilarious! However, this hilarity may be better served in the privacy of my own home! ;D

Dear friends, Kelly and Erika

Cutie sisters, Jill and Kristin
 We were having so much fun with the onesies that we forgot to open presents until hours later! Shockingly, no one seemed to mind.

 Here are a few highlights. I have to say, my facial expressions seem to be muted by my recently enlarged cheeks and jowls. Seriously, just last week I swore I looked normal...and way more expressive! ;D

This is a happy face, I promise you.

Laura always told me she knew in her heart we would have a baby and that she would reveal how she knew at my shower, a detail I completely forgot until Saturday. Apparently, her grandmother made this blanket as a gift and Laura had picked it out years ago, somehow knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that she would one day give it to me for my child. It was the sign. She always thought it would be a boy because of the blue color and blue/white clouds on the other side, but since finding out acorn is instead a girl, she realized the clouds actually meant this child was a "gift from Heaven." Tear.

My le petite high school sweethearts, Beth, Kristin, and Jill (missing you Kelly and Claudia!)

My Aggie loves, Angela and Cara (note the constant tartine in hand) 

Man, we forgot to get a group photo of my Austin friends! But it was so good to be reunited with all my lovely ladies from the different aspects of my life. And I was relieved to know that everyone seemed to get along smashingly! I can either attribute that to my fabulous taste in friends, damned good luck, or perhaps it was all that wine...  Thank you all for a fabulous time!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

tribal reunion (33 weeks)

I am very much looking forward to the baby shower that some of my sweet friends are hosting for me this weekend! This will be the first time I've had a gathering of dear friends from all parts of my life: youth, high school, college, and career. I met each of these women at different times in my life and I treasure how we've been able to keep our close bonds even though we have walked down separate paths. 

I look back and I realized my outlook on life, even my personality, has morphed over the years. I feel (or I hope) I've grown into a better version of myself as each year passes, just like my beloved chambered nautilus.  And so it would make sense that even these friendships are unique. I tend to gravitate towards women who are creative, independent, smart, hysterically funny, those can enjoy a good glass of wine (or three) and an overindulgence of chevre! Yet they are all different, all incomparable, all beautiful. 

One thing is certain though, one quality is constant. There is this invisible tie that binds us all together and it is perhaps more important than any other: they are all genuine. They are the women I can be real with and share creative ideas, awkward (and yet hysterical) stories, weird quandaries, advice, or sometimes just a good cry. I am so grateful for this honest, real, genuine quality in every one of the ladies I call a friend.

And so I can't wait to celebrate with most of these women and have some amazingly creative food, inspired cocktails (for them), good laughs, and thank God no games! That's all I would ever want out of a shower...a celebration of togetherness, a reunion of laughs, a gathering of my tribe. Then in November, we'll head over to San Antonio and Houston to celebrate the lovely family showers! I feel so blessed!

Fabulousness, full steam ahead.

Week 33
It's starting to get hard to bend over!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

a readied nest! (33 weeks)

Last weekend we worked so hard to finalize the the rest of the nursery. It's pretty much done, just needs a squirmy little baby! I am overjoyed at how the room came out and I can't thank our families enough for the hard work they put into helping us with our little nesting project. I mean, for everything being pretty much home-made, DIY-ed, swiped from another part of the house, or a steal from Target, plus a few key purchases, I think this room came out pretty stinkin' amazing!
It's a place I want to spend my time in, a feeling of refuge and serenity. I feel completely relaxed in this room and hope whomever needs to stay in here, whether it's baby or guest, will feel cozy too! We may be obsessing over every detail, but hey, I'm already 8 months along and it feels so good to be prepared, to get this looming project out of the way. And frankly, it feels so good to just immerse ourselves in something so fun and expectant, so anticipatory. We've had such little joy in the last few years with the highs and lows of infertility and so these last eight months have been such a beautiful, coveted celebration. This time of sheer excitement, however, has felt like it has FLOWN BY in an instant, so savor I must! 
FYI, I need to get better daylight photos of the room since these were just taken on my iPhone late at night, but here they are nevertheless...

I love this glider, our big splurge in the room. So comfortable and worth every penny. Side table and gray lamp were swiped from my bedroom. Mirror was a steal at Home Depot.
I forced my hard-working MIL to rest in the glider and once she relented, I don't think she wanted to leave it was so comfy! ;D

My mother found these amazing 3-D porcelain swallows (two adults, one baby) and their presence seems to make this little nook so whimsical! To paint or not to paint, that is the question...

Of course, the amazing wall mural by my talented aunt makes the crib area that much more special. I am still working on my final project...the daunting bird mobile...but we're getting there!

Here's the other half of the room with the queen-sized guest bed that's cozy enough to downright stinkin' LIVE IN! I want to trade rooms! Blue lamps with gray shades were a steal from the Home Store. Bedding is from Target. Accent pillows made by my MIL. Bed frame from Ikea a million years ago.

I'm obsessed over the added pops of bright color in the accent fun! Ooh and the hanging drawer full of miniature antique chotchkies is from my youth. My mom had this up in our house when I was a child and I always loved {secretly} playing with the miniature lambs, fawns, gnomes, and other fun cuties. I was so excited she let me borrow her collection for little acorn's room!

And yes, my cat-fatties should not be in here, but Bear is so cute I couldn't resist letting him lounge in here for a bit! Soak it up while you can, buddy! 
The window treatments turned out so amazing! They were pretty hard to conceptualize for some reason from a DIY perspective, but I think they turned out really well--definitely achieved the Roman-shade look without the unnecessary complexities! Just perhaps a good steam is needed.

I drew this little girl in college and love how it sort of fits in with the whimsical, fun, and magical nature of the room.

Ooh! And the changing area... I still have my work equipment everywhere, but you can see the gist of it. Yes, the block letters came in and yes, I couldn't help but put them up. The Etsy seller did such a great job and even added an unexpected touch of little ribbons! I know I jumped the gun since we hadn't officially decided Nina was little acorn's name, but I am smitten! And Ryan just grinned ear to ear as he pulled them out of the package. It's her name, through and through, so... 

Lastly, these bird paintings are so special to us. Okay, so I guess this was a splurge too! But it was our first time ever to buy acorn anything and we bought these small bamboo paintings together in Carmel on our 10th anniversary. We always try to make a conscious effort to communicate with each other before bigger purchases and so I had talked to Ryan about buying just one for the nursery. He was really interested in these so-called tiny bird paintings and ended up going back to the boutique with me. Before I knew it, we had picked out FOUR of them! We had so much fun with it all and I think they worked out great in acorn's nursery!

That's it for now!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

finalized nursery mural & bedding! (32 weeks)

Both of our sweet families came up this weekend to help with the last of the prep work on the nursery. This has been such a lovely family effort, making it that much more memorable!

My talented Aunt Gail came up and painted an unbelievable mural along the wall where the crib will be. I wanted it to have leafless birch trees with bright colorful birds and she certainly delivered. She's fantastic and I absolutely love how it all turned out. I am so very lucky to have such talent in the family! Here Gail is, hard at work!

My mom also came up with Gail and helped me with some other small projects and it was nice to just be able to hang out. I was telling her how sad it was I couldn't remember any of the lullabies she sang to me when I was a child (I am notorious for forgetting my youth and it pains her so!). She started singing "Summertime" and in an instant it all came back to me as I hummed right along with her. Funny how listening to her voice immediately made me feel warm, calm, protected, and safe! Good to know that it works! ;D 

And so I looked up the lyrics to be sure to remember them...

SUMMERTIME | Louis Armstrong
Summertime and the livin' is easy
Fish are jumpin' and the cotton is high
Oh, your daddy's rich and your ma is good-lookin'
So hush, little baby; don't you cry

One of these mornings you're gonna rise up singing

And you'll spread your wings and you'll take to the sky
But till that morning, there ain't nothin' can harm you
With daddy and mammy standin' by


Anyway, my mom even got Ryan to stain some cutie birdhouses! Look how ecstatic he is to be helping instead of playing Xbox football! Sally's magical powers can get him to do anything...

On Sunday, my in-laws came up to install the bedding and finish working on the window treatments. Linda's putting on the cutest polka-dotted trim on the curtains! She is an amazing seamstress that can tackle pretty much anything she sets her sights on, but she is particularly amazing at quilting!

We're still waiting on the window treatments and pillows to be made, so I'll wait to reveal the rest of the room, but here's a sneak peak for now at the bedding and mural...

I can't believe how professional and put-together it looks! Thank you so much, Gail, Linda, and mom, for your herculean efforts!  This weekend was so much fun and productive!