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Monday, March 25, 2013

march madness (3 months old)

We've been laying low the last several weeks. Acorn caught her first cold two weeks ago and is just now starting to recover enough to not have to use the horrible, evil, shriek-inducing Lord Saline and his menacing sidekick, Mr. Snotty McSuckerson, multiple times a day. Man, you'd think it was killing her! Even just putting her down on my lap to "assume the position" now incites frustrated indignation, blood-curdling howls, and glaring judgment like I have never seen. Thank God she's almost fully healed! I can't bear the resentment anymore, even if it's immediately forgotten...

I mean, look at this sickly face, poor kid!

Trying to smile through it all.

 Finally starting to feel better.
Other news of late is that she can mimic clasping her hands together when you do it (caught red-handed above). She LOVES kicking everything, from the crackling paper on the doctor's office bench, to the clinking balls on her play mat, you can see her working the whole cause-effect thing out in dramatic, back-arching fashion. Kick. Noise. Kick. Noise. She's all smiles in the morning and after cheek kisses, blowing air on her face, funny songs, and funny faces. I've become an expert in crazy song-making and wacky dancing.

 Mom and Acorn feeling the grass beneath our feet! Soft, yet crunchy!

And we've realized she's an outside girl to the core. Inside. Annoyed. Outside. Mesmerized. We take at least one walk around the block to count the cats on Cat Row, but when I'm off, it's two to three walks a day. And she's wide awake and enchanted the whole stinkin' time. We went to Zilker Park to ride the train on Friday and to fly a kite on Sunday. My goal is to explore a new park each month.

Zephyr Train Ride with Stacey and Connor

The grandmothers have been babysitting for 5 weeks now and it's working out great! They love it. I'm getting to work. And Acorn is learning new things from her Mimi and Birdie that I couldn't possibly teach her. Like how to do the shimmy and suck your thumb. It's working out a little too great as I really don't want it to end come June.

  Finding her thumb. Deuces!

 Backyard lunch with mama and Mimi.

Dad and Acorn hanging out in the backyard.

  Happy St. Patrick's Day! 
(Her hair looks Irishly red here!)

Auntie GiGi's outfit she made from SCRATCH! 
The flowers are so pretty!

Uncle Bob's outfit he made from SCRATCH!!! Très chic!

We've been seriously looking at houses as of late. This is the neighborhood where we want to live--on Bull Creek/Lake Austin and a preserve. Patience is a virtue...
In an effort to get our house ready to sell (just in case we find that perfect home), we've spruced up our backyard and added some curb appeal. It's kinda reigniting my love for this house!

All slicked back like Peepaw's hairstyle. 
Mom, can't you see that I'm not laughing?

Springtime Girls

Tummy time and the living is easy...

That recaps March Madness so far! ♥♥♥

Monday, March 4, 2013

happy 3 months!

Acorn turned three months old on Friday and I can't believe how quickly time flies! She is growing like a weed and developing well. Now that she's out of the fourth trimester, she's really starting to become more aware of her hands, keeping them open instead of in tight fists, touching things, grabbing our cats by the scruff, and holding onto toys and noses. She started "holding" her bottle  the other day, the beginning of many practices towards such lofty goals. She's also trying to find her thumb to suck. She sucks the side of her thumb, not really getting the whole thing in there, but at least it's doing it's job of soothing her. When we take our sunset walks she's always wide awake now, looking at all the houses and playing my how-many-cats-do-you-see-at-the-cat-lady-house? games and listening to other neighborhood banter.

She's now sleeping between 8 and 10 hours at night and I really don't know what I did deserve this luxury. I'm starting to think I really didn't do anything. It's 99% her and 1% me helping her. It just kept taking me longer to wake up and go to the bathroom during those early-month nighttime feeds and by the time I would be ready to feed her she would already be asleep again. So she quickly learned to plow through her sleep cycles like a champ. We've also started a nighttime routine of bath at 8PM and a big bottle shortly there after. She's taking in 5.75 oz. at this feeding, which seems massive for a breastfed baby, but she holds it in well and sleeps like a champ until 4:30-5:30AM. I thought about pushing this time back, but I really like having some downtime before bed and don't really mind the early morning feed.  

Three months with Foxy!

Big Blue Eyes

Caught that smile!

Here, Acorn is with her big cousin Hannah who adores her! Hannah is the same age difference with Nina as her mother is with me. Jeanann and I are essentially sisters and have always been so close, sharing a bond like no one I've known. I really want to find the same photo of Jeanann holding me.