Little Acorn

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Friday, April 5, 2013

4-month stats

Happy 4 months to little Acorn! I can't believe that she's twice her birth weight now and learning new things every day. Her 4 month stats are starting to show a pattern now:

4-month checkup:
Height: 25 in (75%)
Weight: 13 lbs, 7.5 in (50%)
Head: 39.5 cm (25%)

4 months with Foxy! I ♥ baby rolls!

She is reaching/grabbing for things, is starting to become very vocal, and she's even finding her feet! She's doing better on her stomach and can do longer stretches. I'm thinking she'll roll over here in the next couple of weeks. 

Mission: Feet Exploration. Status: Complete.

Acorn's personality has been pretty consistent: she's a quiet, easy-going baby that loves to give out smiles and now half-laughs (she's well on her way to full on giggles!). She still has her diva moments every once in a while and it's making me anxious to do the whole CIO thing. I'm hoping we won't have to since she is pretty good about falling asleep on her own during nap time in the crib. It's just a matter of transitioning this daytime ease to night, de-swaddling her, and getting her through that initial phase of potential crying. Shudder.

 Why do you continue to make me do this?

Exhaustion after her 4-month shots.

Most of all, I thank my lucky stars each day for her. She is the best blessing, a cure for broken hearts, a light in the darkness. Her vivid blue eyes are the same as the ocean after a storm. Funny how I hated the idea of a fertile ocean eroding our isolated hearts. But time and miracles change perspectives. She was the sea all along. We were not an island, but a raft. And we float on her thirst for life, for knowledge, and growth, carried by her strength and smiles. And it is wondrous.

I used to be so worried that something would happen, that one cannot possibly remain this happy all the time. I have since realized that life evens itself out. It must. I have the stress of trying to balance out a career that I love with the reality of its obligations. I have the newness of navigating and redefining my post-baby relationship with my husband. But all-in-all, I couldn't feel more fulfilled. And that is all I ever wanted out of this so-called life.