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Thursday, May 2, 2013

happy 5 months, lil' acorn!

I can't believe Acorn is five months old! So many HUGE things have happened over the past 4 weeks: rolling over; using a big-girl bathtub; grasping at toys; and eating solids.

We even tried the CIO sleep training method last week and she's sleeping through the night again! Thank God. She cried for 15 minutes the first night, 2 minutes the next and has been pretty good about going to sleep drowsy but awake with the occasional fussiness. When I put her down, I tell her she's a big girl and I need her to learn to sleep on her own, that if she gets upset and cries that I'll be in the other room and will come check on her in a few minutes, but right now it's night-night time. I don't think she understands me yet, but I'm hoping it's good practice for when she does...

The solids thing is fun! She's tried rice cereal, apples, sweet potatoes, and now pears. I really want to prep my own foods, but I'm a bit intimidated and I don't always seem to have the time. So we'll see. Her first bite is always hilarious, as if she's trying to figure it all out. The poos, however, are not so fun. I had no idea my sweet-smelling child would create such horrendously pungent and sickly foul things in her pants. Maliciously-sweet patata poo. 'Twas so different, I thought she was reacting to what she ate and began to get worried. I mean, you could plaster a wall with that poo! But no, all is apparently normal. Welcome to the world of solids. Grimace.

On to a sweeter note, her little personality is really starting to shine through! She's a sweet baby that isn't scared of much, loves the outdoors, and is interested when I show her lizards and grass and trees and bubbles. She cries if she's hungry or over tired but stays pretty content most of the time. Here we go:

Five months with foxy!

More on than in.


Discovering flora.

Figuring out this contraption.

Bow madness.

Aunt GiGi helping me with my daily vitamins.

A Greuter Reunion.

Mama and me.

Contemplating poodles.

Ryan and Ryan Jr.

Pops and me.

Mimi and me.

She always hoped her daughter would be a band nerd like herself, but Acorn had other plans...

Whaa? No way!

Ha! Mama cracks me up!