Little Acorn

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Saturday, June 29, 2013

first swim!

We headed over to our dear friend Stacey's house to try out the pool for the first time. Acorn LOVED it! She hung out in her "tube" and had a great time with the rest of the kiddos. Thanks, Stacey, for having us over!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

faja's day

Father's day was very relaxing! Ryan's dad and brother came in and we cooked steaks. We also went to the park and Nina tried out the swing!

 The Boys Greuter...and Nina

Dad love.


Now we're having some fun!

Here's my first attempt at a video...

Saturday, June 8, 2013

6-month photos!

Acorn had her 6-month photos done by my amazingly talented cousin, Jeanann, from J Wilkinson Co.  and if you are using a regular computer (it somehow won't show up on a mobile device), you can check out the photos here! Just put in your email address. Here are a few snapshots off my iPhone... Love!

 Dad and Acorn raisin' some feet!


Thank you so much Big Nina! Little Nina had such a fun day and I can't wait to see you again soon! xoxo

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

this old man. he played six.

Happy 6 months, my little acorn! Man oh man, how time has flown. Flies raptor-like, swift and fleeting. 

These months have gone by so quickly. Acorn is already so big, with great milestones being toppled left and right. Eating solid foods. Rolling over. So interactive. Sitting (for the most part). Grabbing. Babbling. She is so happy too, such a sweetheart (when she's rested and full).
She's so proud of sitting.

I took her to her first day of day care yesterday and I was a wreck. Cried all the way to work. She, on the other hand, had such a fun time. It was her first time to be around and interact with babies her own age. Ryan and I both met up at 4PM to pick her up and to observe her without her knowing. Squinting through frosted windows, we thought she was the one crying in the corner. But no, she was the one laughing in the bouncy seat. Ryan went in and picked her up and I just kept staring at her in awe. She kept smiling at, or dare I say flirting with, her new friend, a little boy 10 days younger than her. Oh boy. But seeing her so happy and tuckered out from a hard day's play made me realize that these people do know what they're doing, that they can keep my child not only alive, but happy and giggly.
And so my shoulders relaxed. This is good for her to socialize and get on a solid, consistent schedule. And it's good for me, to be able to have adult interaction and continue working, which, after a long and hard realization, is something that is still very satisfying to me, something I need to do. And so I'm okay with our current plan. For now anyway.
You can't have all highs all the time though. And so the lows of this month focused on sleep training. I have been running on highly interrupted sleep and am barely functional. While I'm so sad our 3 months of the grandmothers babysitting has come to an end, I think it will help now with the sleeping that she can be in her room permanently.
Sleeping Beauty
Here are some random moments from this month:
 Visiting Mimi and Pops
(and getting so blonde!)

Her eyes are now deep blue around the edges with gray in the middle.
I wonder if they'll stay this way. They are mesmerizing.

Hannah + Nina = Pure sweetness.

All smiles.

Brunch with my Austin lady-friends.
Tina, Lisa, Kensley, Acorn, and Laura.

Feeling a bit sheepish over stealing the remote...

Mimi and Acorn.

On Mother's day, I got a massage, lunch, and Zilker fun. But the best present of all was simply time with my little family.

Zilker Swan

Dad and Acorn
Acorn's version of a Rockwell painting.
Foot-in-mouth greatness.

Grandma Birdie and Acorn.

Birthday dinner at Wink and our first night away from Acorn.
(I still woke up, regardless)

In early May, my brother and sister-in-law had a gender reveal party for their baby due in September. So acorn and I flew up to Lubbock to join in the festivities. We had a great time. And p.s. they're having a boy! I can't wait to meet my nephew, Kreyton Lane Jones! But the flight back was pure torture. Acorn pooped one of her new solid-food-mega-poops at the beginning of the flight and just wasn't having it sitting in the window seat. I will never again cringe or roll my eyes upon discovery of sitting next to a child on a plane. I now have new found respect for all parents with screaming wild banchees. There was absolutely nothing I could do. The flight attendant asked if I wanted to walk with her in the back and my neighbors reminded me to take the diaper bag. Yeah. I was that mom. Shudder.  
Beautiful pregnant Oma 

Mom and her silly kiddos

Peepaw and Acorn had a hysterical moment of synchronized head shaking. I need to put the video up. Every time she does it now, we call it "doing the Peepaw."

Oh da draaama. Eees too masssh.

May was also my first time away from Acorn for a full weekend. My college girlfriends and I decided on a trip to New Orleans way back in December. It seemed like a great idea at the time, but as the trip approached, my anxiety grew about leaving Acorn. I think I did pretty well though. I only talked about her 63 times...
Kensley, Cara, and Angela

And most recently, I threw a baby shower for my friend Lisa. It was a build a library shower and really was my favorite shower to throw yet. I loved making the signs out of tiny Peter Rabbit books and using vintage books as decorations. I even bought a book mobile and had tasty open-faced tartines catered from the Blue Dahlia Bistro. It was a lovely way to celebrate our good friend's little one to be.

The set up!

Carmencita, Mercedes, Little Ingrid, Olivia, Lisa, Tina, Kensley, and Lola the pup