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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

july gone by

OMG! It's October now, so I'm back-dating all of these photos to their appropriate months! I can't believe I let time slip so easily away from me for FOUR months! What I can remember of July (everything is a blur) is through all the fun times we had with friends. I stopped charting Nina's every move around this time. Her school tracks a ton of stuff and with the impending move, I couldn't keep up! 

Ah, speaking of the move... THE HOUSE!!! We were so frustrated and rejected for so long in Austin's housing market (kind of reminded me of my temperament with infertility) that we (or rather "I") became desperate to find us something. I was obsessed. Throughout the summer I grappled, groped, and grasped at anything in our price range, no matter where it was, no matter how far, or how ghetto, or how odd. It was ridiculous. And we didn't even NEED to buy a home right then! Whatever. 

But then, one day, out of the blue, I come across a house that was for sale by owner (not on anyone else's radar). And it had an amazing yard--almost a half-acre. In a cul-de-sac. In the right neighborhood. Next to a creek. With four bedrooms. And an office. And tons of space. And tons of windows. And did I mention that yard? Somehow, our offer was accepted. And it was in a price range that allowed us to keep our current home as a rental. I swear. I continuously have to re-learn the same lesson. To be patient. Life will continue forward. And eventually good things will come. And this house is better than all the other houses we lost out on. Go figure.

So throughout July we were getting prepped for closing on our new house. Nina continued to shine at school and with us. Her little personality is so funny. I think of her as a spicy jalapeno margarita. Seems odd, right? But she's unbelievably sweet and bubbly and her big blue-eyed gaze makes your entire being warm and light-headed. And yet she has this hint of fire to her, whose heat catches you when you least expect it.  A spicy jalapeno margarita! Or perhaps I'm just craving one... 

Lisa's prep-night for the shower. Good friends. Good laughs.

 Playing hide-and-seek with dad

Some of my favorite people came to visit Austin mid-July: Ryan and Charles with one of my dearest friends Kelly, her husband Aaron, and her musical prodigy, Otis. Loved our little reunion!

At one of my favorite new Austin restaurants, Hillside Farmacy (it's getting a bit too hipster for me to take Nina much anymore!)

Kelly and Nina

Got to meet up with Kristin too for a brief but memorable mini high school reunion. Loved having the next generation there, Nina, Otis, and Julianna!

Another VERY brief visit with friends. This year we went to Port Aransas to see our college friends who we usually do a river trip with. The coast seemed easier this year with all the kiddos. I just wished we had gotten to spend more time with them!

Cuties Ella and Nina

Little acorn's school is so creative. Here, they made a book about her time at school with friends. I loved it. So did she, apparently.

Make-shift boat!


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

independence day

We celebrated the 4th of July in Rockport, Texas. It was Acorn's first trip to the coast, first vacation, really, and she did really well (except for getting us up at 4AM every morning). We took her to the little Rockport beach that keeps away the jellyfish and we played in the bay for about 10 minutes before she gulped a big mouthful of sea water. And that was that.

But we had fun with her patriotic suit...kid cracks me up!

I loved spending time with my family, but especially my brother and beautiful pregnant sister-in-law. Oma's due in early September, but we all can't wait any longer. Hurry up and finish baking, Krey!

Showing Acorn a dragonfly that wouldn't leave my side. We bonded.

Kale and Oma fishing on the pier. 

Family vacations are sure short, but sweet!


Monday, July 15, 2013

wooden woodland wildlife

Check out this website for little wooden toys! They have all kinds of themes...fairy tails, exotic animals, farm animals, castles, nativity, etc. But my fav (of course) are the little woodland animals. They even have a swimming otter! What. I've got to get these for baby Acorn!

Monday, July 1, 2013

seven months = heaven months

Happy 7 months, Acorn! June went by so quickly! Over this past month I felt I could finally breathe, finally get into a consistent routine, finally start to let loose and relax. Acorn, started having the time of her life!

I went back to work full time and Acorn started her little school this month (we don't use the d-c phrase). It was a tough decision for me, but I finally realized that I am not stay-at-home mom material. I wish I could be. I wish I could be with Acorn every second and be her teacher of all things. But unfortunately, I don't operate like that. 

The reality is that I do so much better as a mother, as a woman, with a  career and challenges and goals. Last January I made a promise to myself that no matter what, no matter if I never had the chance to have a child or if I had 6, that I would always remain true to myself, I would always simply be me. Basically, the promise was to never let myself become obsessed again with loss, with not having a child, or on the contrary, become obsessed with having children. And so I let go. That promise helped me get through our last painful round of IVF (there were 5). That attitude relaxed me enough to finally get pregnant. And so after months of worrying and fretting and judging myself, I became resolved to owning who I am. And what a sigh of relief that was.

Don't get me wrong. I love my time with my daughter. I cherish this child like every day is Christmas morning. But I also love that she enjoys spending time with other kids. From day 1, she started that school with a grin and a curiosity and silliness that eased my decision. The second she gets to school she barely has time for a kiss goodbye before she's off bouncing or playing with the other babies. And I like that independence about her.

So this month we navigated our way through:
  • a new full-time schedule (enjoying our mornings and evenings and coveting the weekends), 
  • new foods (latest fav is rutabaga!) at a higher frequency (twice a day with a mum-mum snack), 
  • new TEETH (ack! bottom two are in!!!) and less drooling (whoohoo!),
  • full-night's sleep (7PM to ~6AM) with regular 1-2 hr naps (at home only; still working on the school-naps), 
  • a few new sicknesses (ear infection) and plain old snotty congestion (boo!), and
  • less breastfeeding, down to only once a day and LOVING it! (by the way, no one told me that breastfeeding would make me crazy, but that weening would make me certifiable [but that's another post]).
Her little personality is really starting to shine, even through her sickie and teethie days. Acorn is constantly grinning and seems to really enjoy life. She's curious about all things around her and very observant. She hasn't quite figured out how to use her little knees to crawl yet. HOWEVER, she does do a pretty mean little frog-kick on her tummy! It's as if she's figured out how to move her legs, but it hasn't dawned on her to put them to the ground. And I'm okay with that for now. If I can stave off baby-proofing and chasing her around a few more weeks, I'm good with that.

I've even started cooking her meals now. The pouches of organic foods are convenient enough and I thought I'd be a die-hard fan, but I was shocked to find them all far too sweet, even the veggies and lean meats. I absolutely LOVE savory foods and want Acorn to start developing a palette for them, so I started my Beaba Babycook (that I truly thought would be in my pantry for-evah) and have started steaming things left and right! I've learned to just throw in the same ingredients I'm making for dinner (sans all the peppah!) and it's pretty darn tasty! Tonight I'm making lentil chili.

All grins and thighs!

       p.s. I truly believe she'll plot my demise one day after all these thigh shots, but I can't help it! ROLLS!