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Thursday, January 16, 2014

the art and etceteras of emily winfield martin

I am in love with these fairy-tale, vintage-esque prints from Emily Winfield Martin at the The Black Apple. They have this warm, nostalgic, almost peculiar appeal mixed with a hint of sylvan whimsy and 1950s portraiture that makes me want to crawl right into them and dance with a bear, put my hair into braids, and have a pet bat. My favorite is In the Spring, She Married a Bear. It evokes such wonderful imagination and inspires us all to retreat into the magical woods of childhood. And I hope to hang this up in Acorn's nursery soon! 


Here are some of my other favs...




  1. Love her stuff. Reminds me of an artist names Melissa Haslam who also used to paint lovely girls and creatures of nature (and bears) in a VERY similar vein, but now she's sadly moved on to other topics. Always wanted to buy some of it. Beautiful!