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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

chicken coop cravings

I have always wanted a chicken coop. Ever since I was a little girl I would be so envious of my friends living in the country who "got to" pick out the eggs every day (though I can only assume they eventually tired of the chore). So, of course, when we moved to a house with a big backyard, I'm starting to salivate at the thought of freshest of the fresh eggs and soldiers, creamiest of the creamy quiches, and a bit of rural magic in our urban setting. 

Of course due to the stinkin' neighborhood restrictions, I can't even step one little chicken claw on my property without the HOA police attacking. That's okay, I guess. I have a few friends with their own coops that I can live vicariously through (you know who you are).

BUT! If I were able to have a humble abode for my dream banties, these would be in my poultry paradise...

 Compact and cute with an herb garden to boot!

 Local, cheap, and trรจs chic!
(and love the no-mess feeding/watering system)

Have to give a shout-out to the Hobbit inspiration, where fuzzy feet rein.

And I can't very well talk about coops without the chickens themselves, so here are my favorite chick picks...

Because you can't beat a good black-and-white stripe with red accessories. Classic.

Because cotton ball bunny fur on a chicken just is so right.

 Begium Bearded Bantams
(D'uccle Mille Fleur)
Because the lady is the pretty one instead of the gent in this breed...
 even though you kinda wouldn't be able to tell if there was chicken poo on her, God love her.

Because can you imagine this staring back at you in the morning? 
How could you not have a good day?

My neighborhood is really doing us a all disservice. Fresh, local eggs from cute fluff-balls? WIN.

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