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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

on linguistics and dancing

Every day something new is learned. Or said. Or scrutinized with intensity. Or a lightbulb goes off. It's amazing. Acorn is almost 16 months old (I can't believe it) and she is such a cool little girl, full of life and smiles, curiosity and fearlessness, energy and yet well-behaved, calmness in the most crucial of times.

She now repeats several of the words we say. Last week I said, "it's a ball" and she said back, "it's a bah." What. Other words that continually shock me or crack me up: 
  • "wa-wa" a.k.a. waffle
  • "tah-too" a.k.a. thank you
  • "baat" a.k.a. bath
  • "bo-bo" a.k.a. bub-bub/paci
  • "doh" followed by a series of super excited, monkey-like "ooh-ooh-ooh" hyperventilating breaths a.k.a. dog. She's obsessed.
  • "cah" a.k.a. cat
  • "bah" a.k.a. ball or bottle or blankie or bye. This catch-all is only distinguishable when we're near the object or she's waving!)
  • the usual mama and dada
  • my favorite, "dat?" a.k.a. "what's that?" She'll say this while pointing to every single thing in a room or outside. Curiosity abounds.
  • and last, but certainly not least, "NO! NO! NO!" while shaking her tiny right index finger back and forth. WHAT. She has learned this from her new school and while I was concerned at first because we really try hard NOT to say "no" all the time, to instead quickly explain why she shouldn't do something (i.e., "that's not food"), I've kinda conceded for the sheer shocking adorableness of it all. She shouts "NO! NO! NO!" and wags her finger at the cat bowl or the fireplace when she's close because she knows she's not supposed be near them. The thing is, she does this to the other kids in the class when they're doing something wrong too. So I wonder where this is going...yeah.
The other thing that has really taken off is the sign-language. It wasn't really on my radar to be persistent in signing, but man, does it really work!!! So Hell yeah, I'll do it! She signs "all done," "milk/bottle," "more," "please," "food," and "baby." The last one is achingly adorable. She'll stand there with her arms folded across her chest and rock them back and forth. Melt.

Favorite activities? 
  • hands down, exploring outside - I'm inheriting a Kelty frame backpack from a dear friend, so hopefully we'll get to do more hiking without a wobbly toddler on the ground or back-breaking pain from Acorn in my k'tan. So excited!
  • drawing - Man does she love to color with chalk and crayons (and already on the walls), so I've discovered the travel aqua-doodle!!! It's the best thing evah, though I wish the dang pen was attached. And I think she's going to be a righty. We keep putting the crayon in her left hand but she switches immediately!Sssssssss.
  • stickers - What is the obsession with kids and stickers? I found some really cool reusable ecosystem stickers here.
  • dancing - It's the funniest thing to discover that your child instinctively dances! She just wiggles her bootie to the music and stands there rocking back and forth. I want to die. See below.
  • sand box - We are lucky to have a custom-built sand box already at our house. 
  • bubbles. 'Nuf said.
Dancing Acorn

 I'm learning to let go that sand should remain in the sand box.

Molar teething was rough.

Because I can't get enough of the pigtails...

Bull Creek Park Exploration

Austin Zoo Time


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