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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

finding the balance within and without

I read about a beautiful, strong woman this week on A Cup of Jo who let go of wanting children after 10 years of infertility, who resolved herself to find happiness in an unexpected life without children, and inspired readers with her honesty and strength to overcome her grief and enjoy life for simply the sake of life. Mara Kofoed struck a chord with me when she wrote, "With infertility, at first, I would think, oh my gosh, if I could just get pregnant, life will be so amazing, and I’ll be so happy, and this child will just make my world. For years, my worth and identity was wrapped up in having a spouse and children. But then, I realized that I was putting pressure on this child to fulfill me, when in reality, it’s my job to find fulfillment, not anyone else's."

It made me reflect on our arduous journey to get to this point, what I vowed to myself, what I owe myself. Mara's words rang true to me and I feel they are tremendously universal, no matter what your situation. Simply put, find the happiness in the life you live right now.